Platitudes & Plongitudes

Brief observations from the field.

“On Fairness:”


Contrary to popular opinion, life in fact is the fairest thing of all: it ends for all things. 

August 2, 2007

“On Patience:”


Patience wouldn’t have to be a virtue if punctuality was.

One of the saddest realizations of one’s life is that you will spend a massive percentage of it waiting for things to happen.

May 22, 2007

On Trends:

When one says “I was into such and such before it was cool," they really mean "when it wasn’t cool.” 

July 3, 2006

“On Philosophy:”


I’ve never been one to endorse the complete immersion of one’s self into the material world. Nor have I, on the other hand, ever advocated the total preoccupation of one’s self with matters of the mind. And I certainly do not endorse any combination of the two. 

January 12, 2007

On Irony:

Intention is crucial. Irony without intention is just poor taste. 

April 6, 2011

On the lonesome crowded west:

Always loved this album. Always loved the cover art. Then I moved to Seattle in 2004 and actually ended up working on the 26th floor of the Westin Building (just peeking into the frame on the far left), which is attached to the twin towers of the Westin Hotel featured in the cover art.


The themes of this Modest Mouse classic were obvious ones: urban sprawl, yuppification, the isolation of modern life, etc. And so it is fitting that one would now be hard-pressed to capture the same image in Seattle just 15 years later. The view is obscured by a number of new surrounding high rises and the neighborhood will eventually be swallowed up by’s ever-expanding corporate campus.

On Life:

It could always be better. It could always be worse.

August 1, 2010

On Self-help:

If you are reading a “self-help” book written by someone else isn’t it, by definition, not self-help?

May 4, 2013

On Philosophy:

The usefulness of philosophy diminishes with every new neural activity mapping; every subatomic particle experiment; each novel fossilized species discovered in the earth’s crust; and every new gene decoded.

April 12, 2013